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Faux Wood & Wood Blinds

When you want to add a look of warmth to your Edmonton home, look no further than Hunter Douglas natural wood and faux wood blinds. Natural wood blinds have always been a top seller in blinds and faux wood gives the same unique and cozy ambiance as natural wood - at an attractive price.

When you choose natural wood blinds, you are able to customize your window treatment. From various slat sizes and wood trim, to colours and finishes, your room can look exactly as you envisioned it. Faux wood blinds provide you with the same feel and look of wood blinds, with all of the customization, while being an inexpensive option when compared to wood blinds.


Hunter Douglas Wood Blinds

Hunter Douglas natural wood blinds will give your room the deep richness that only natural wood can. Natural wood blinds offer protection from UV rays and are natural insulators. They will bring a sense of elegance to any of your rooms.

Natural wood blinds give you the look you want to make your home inviting and comfortable. For any room of your home, wood blinds provide privacy and lets you choose the amount of light that enters your room.

Benefits of Wood Blinds

  • Gives a cozy and warm feel to any rooms
  • Insulates your windows so rooms stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter
  • Lightweight design
  • Variety of colours and finishes to create custom looks to match any room
  • Let’s you easily choose how much light to allow into a room

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Wood BlindsWood Blinds
Wood BlindsWood Blinds
Wood BlindsWood Blinds

Hunter Douglas Faux Wood Blinds

Get the beauty of natural wood without the worry of damage from moisture or heat with faux wood blinds. They are a beautiful alternative that are also less expensive than wood blinds so you can stay in your budget. Faux wood blinds are made to prevent fading, warping or cracking so that you have a durable blind that will last.

Faux wood blinds come with similar customization as wood blinds have, which let you choose a style and look that will suit your room and home décor.

Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds

  • Less expensive alternative to wood blinds
  • Durably built to last and operate smoothly
  • Perfect for high heat or moisture areas
  • Provides excellent light and privacy control

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